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Sports Massage
is a form of
Clinical Massage

Sports massage is a type of clinical massage that is specifically designed for athletes and active individuals. It focuses on addressing the specific needs and conditions that are unique to athletes, such as muscle soreness, tightness, and injury prevention. Relaxation massage, on the other hand, is a type of massage that is focused primarily on promoting relaxation and stress relief, rather than treating specific medical conditions.


Clinical massage is a form of medical care that is delivered to patients with specific treatment goals, such as increasing blood flow, relieving stress and tension, and reducing headaches. It is often prescribed by doctors to complement traditional medical treatment for illnesses, injuries, and pain.

Our Services

Studio 1 - 806 Mary Ethel street Moreleta Park 

Studio 2 - Lynnwood cyclery - 1A, Willow Way Centre, Lynnwood Rd, The Willows

078 488 3044

Lynnwood Studio:

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Moreleta Studio

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What People Say 

Heinrich Swannepoel

Michelle is an excellent masseuse She understands what needs to work and how to get the muscles soothed and sorted.Always friendly and with outstanding knowledge of her field of expertise.Great value for money. I am hooked and have been booking with Michelle on a regular basis

Koos Smith 

Michelle is an excellent sport masseuse. She is very good in identifying problem areas and resolving muscle and flexibility issues. She is very friendly, I can recommend her unreservedly

Samantha Dunstan 

I was away from home for the weekend and in pain from a slipped disc and recent knee surgery. I decided to book for a sports massage. Booksy was an easy site to use. I booked with Michelle, but nearly cancelled with at the last min, as it was cold and raining. I am so glad I didn't. She was thorough, knew her stuff, friendly and patient. At 51, I have been to many therapists, but Michelle is one of the best. I am walking better and taking less medication. Highly recommended !!!

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